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Top New Designs for Wedding Cakes in 2023

It’s safe to say that, after the bride, the Wedding Cakes is the focal point of any reception. As such, it’s important to make your wedding cake memorable. Decorating a cake with fresh flowers is the finest method to make it look elegant and memorable. Wedding cakes can be decorated with a wide variety of flowers. Peonies and Juliet roses are two examples of the kinds of classically beautiful bridal flowers that are always a crowd pleaser. Bridal bouquets can take on an exotic air with the addition of unusual flowers like protea or even passion flowers for the more daring bride.

No matter if your wedding cake is covered in buttercream, fondant, or the ever-popular “naked” look, these blossoms are a perfect finishing touch. Here are 16 of the most beautiful wedding cake flowers we could find on six different cakes. Below, we’ve provided bespoke images of each cake, alongside focal flowers, to help you replicate the style. There are detailed descriptions of each bloom below each image.

We’ve noticed that cakes have grown increasingly popular at Indian weddings, and we’re loving the unique designs we’re seeing. You have to know about and get inspired by these incredible wedding cake trends for 2023. They range from works of art to outright comedy.

Wedding cakes have traditionally been a focal point of the reception. Wedding cakes have come a long way from their original white, unadorned form. Bakers and cake artists today get to exercise their artistic sides by making wedding cakes in a dizzying array of sizes, styles, and patterns to suit the preferences of each and every customer. Check out these 2023 wedding cake trends, from edible flowers to 3D sculptures to gold leaf.

3D Wedding Cakes

3D cakes are the pinnacle of artistic expression and attention to detail. This sumptuous cake features numerous layers of cake and a modern, elegant, and visually appealing piece of 3D artwork. These cakes have real like apearing props and designs which make it look like a real object. Other type of cakes are photo cakes on which the couples photos are there.


In recent years, swingingcakes have made their way to Indian weddings, and we couldn’t be happier about it. N You can now understand the significance of hashtags like #chandeliercake and #swingingcake.

Unique Geode Wedding Cakes

A cake made from a geode is a typical choice for weddings. Crystals made of rock candy or isomalt are used to create the illusion of a real geode. This one-of-a-kind geode cake gets its name from the interesting layers, designs, and components that go into making it.

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Translucent Isomalt Cake 

Isomalt is a sugar alternative for the forgetful. To enhance its sweetness, isomalt is often combined with additional sweeteners. It can be consumed, and it won’t cause any harm to your teeth. We can’t wait to add one of these isomalt cake toppers to our 2023 nuptial cakes.

Pressed Flowers Cake

In 2022, it became popular to decorate cakes with actual, edible flowers. In 2023, it will pick up where it left off, with a few more twists and turns. This year, the trend seems to be toward using dried flowers or faking a pressed flower effect. You may join the trend and order a garden or flower-themed wedding cake online.

We have various designs for Wedding Cakes, reach our offline stores or contact us online to order cakes of your choice. We can also customise the designs based on your ideas or samples. We deliver cakes, flowers, plants and gifts at your doorsteps for your family and loved ones.

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