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Great Way to Decorate Your Home With Flowers this Christmas in 2022

It’s almost Christmas, so it’s time to start decorating with holly and other holiday cheer. It’s the season for sprucing up your home with colourful flowers and foliage, from hanging a wreath on your door to greeting guests with impressive centrepieces. Want to add some colour and beauty to your holiday decor this year? In that case, you’ve found the correct spot, since the staff here at The Flower Diaries enjoys nothing more than exploring their own unique approaches to floral design.

You’ll have plenty of time to wrap presents thanks to the simplicity of many of our do-it-yourself projects, but if you’d rather purchase (hey, nobody’s judging), you can pick yourself some lovely last-minute treats from our wide selection on the web. Who wants some miniature Christmas trees?

Swap baubles for berries roses, lilies

Christmas trees covered with flowers are back in vogue, just in case you needed an excuse to sprinkle some floral joy all over your selected fir. There’s a profusion of YouTube tutorials showing you how to make paper flowers, but nothing looks classier than the real thing.

Simply get hold of some spectacular Christmas flowers – perhaps a blend of your favourite arrangement and some foraged foliage? – then chop the stems to size. You’ll also need some little water tubes – they plug onto the end of the stems to keep your blossoms looking fresh for up to seven days.

Red roses usually look wonderful, but huge, blousy hydrangeas will fill more area and also look beautiful once dried. For a modern twist, we enjoy the sumptuous jewel tones of our Golden Fig bouquet, the festive flamboyance of Amaryllis & Hypericum and the wintery fairytale wonder of Festive Forest. Our best thing about flowery Christmas trees is that you can switch up its look every week, and try them all.

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Make your own Christmas wreath

Creating a Christmas wreath is a simple and effective method to spread holiday cheer. You’ll need a wreath frame (or floral hoop), floral wire, and flowers (we have a wide variety of each) to make a beautiful wreath. Then, if you want to make your home more beautiful for the holidays, just follow our simple instructions. Do not embellish the entire hoop if you want to give it a modern, spare look.

Our Winter Forest half wreath, with its crimson skimmia, rose gold lotus heads, and genuine pine cones, is one of three magnificent ready-made gems that are sure to impress your visitors even if you’re short on time. Every one of them measures 52cm in diameter, making a bold statement that will brighten up any huge, barren wall for the holidays.

Decorate a mini Christmas tree

Mini Christmas trees are ideal for festively revamping tight quarters since they can be displayed on tables or shelves rather than taking up valuable floor space.

Conical floral foam and your preferred Christmas flowers make for a quick and easy decoration that the whole family can help with (keep the foam damp for longevity). Try out our online Christmas tree maker for yourself for an even more personalised tree.

To begin, decide whether you’d prefer a little or medium classic evergreen, or a silver or gold twig tree in the Scandi style. They come in heights between 40 cm and 65 cm and all feature a built-in lighting system. Choose your ornaments (we recommend a rose gold and burgundy combination) and arrange for a delivery date. No need to fret; we won’t be adding any decorations before delivery.

Keep your miniature Christmas tree away from dry heat sources like fireplaces and radiators, and water it every two to three days (or more often if necessary) to ensure its longevity. If you dig it up and replace it in the garden after the holidays, you can get bonus points for being environmentally conscious.

Give mantelpieces, bannisters and more a festive makeover

Spread the holiday cheer all across your home by draping greenery over your mantle, bookcases, and cupboards, and winding it around your bannisters. If, like us, floral arrangements are an important part of your home’s design, then line your shelves with trays of wet foam and fill them to the brim with stunning, overflowing flowers. Stems of varying heights should be arranged in an uneven manner, with the taller ones at the back and the lower ones trailing front. You may quickly transform your house into something worthy of a glossy interior design magazine.

Impress guests with Christmas centrepieces

One of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is setting the table for Christmas lunch and the other celebratory dinners that precede it, so let’s talk about everyone’s favourite aspect of the holiday season: the centrepiece.

Four of our selections arrive at the table fully prepared and ready to be served. Spruce and pine needles, red and cream roses, berries and pine cones are all abundant in Red Rose and Polar Rose flowers. For those who demand the finest, we offer a luxury Frankincense with gold-sprayed leaves, while the Winter Forest blend adds fragrant cinnamon sticks. Each centrepiece comes with either an ivory pillar candle or a tapered candle, but you may add some extra sparkle by weaving battery-operated fairy lights around the base. A feast is about to commence.

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